It is no coincidence that these dates coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead’s legendary 6-night run at The Cap in 1971. With a nod to those historic shows, Billy Strings performed “The Deja Vu Experiment” in hopes to tap into the musicianship and fearlessness that the Grateful Dead did 50 years ago, unlocking improvisational boundaries of music and psychedelia in a familiar yet unique way.


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When did the shows happen?
Feb 18-21, 23, 24, 2021


Who designed the show prints?
Feb 18: Railey Base Prints
Feb 19: Twin Home Prints
Feb 20: Add Noise Studios
Feb 21: Dave Kloc
Feb 23: Weird Beard
Feb 24: Half Hazard Press


What’s the low down on the Deja Vu Experiment?
“If you get confused just listen to the music play”


During their 1971 Capitol Theatre shows, the Grateful Dead conducted ESP Experiments, prompting Deadheads in the audience to focus on imagery shown by the band and telepathically send the imagery to a test subject.  


The Deja Vu Experiment is aimed to similarly tap into a sense of clairvoyance and togetherness by asking the streaming audience to use their minds to collectively “see” and send imagery to special guest receivers.


Concerts in the age of streaming beg fans to transport their mind; to feel connected to a live performance when we cannot physically be together. This experiment is not scientifically backed, rather, a hypothesis that the collective mind has the power to tap into extrasensory perception and manifest connection.


Who were the special guests?
1 special guest “receiver” per night was revealed just before 2nd set with the ESP instructions. Each special guest debriefed with Billy via Zoom at the conclusion of the show.


Night 1: Oteil Burbridge
Night 2: Dave Bruzza
Night 3: Bill & Jilian Nershi
Night 4: Dave Schools
Night 5: Lindsay Lou
Night 6: Vince Herman


Who were the charity partners?
The Rex Foundation & Backline


How did the band + crew stay safe?
The band and essential on-site crew all agreed to pre-show quarantine measures and provided negative covid tests in the days leading into the 6-night run. Daily temperature and health checks were performed.